RADical ROACH Remastered – Video Game Review

A video game review written by Lee Songan


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Pretty hardcore sidescroller shooter with a lot of variation in enemys and interesting bosses, unlike many people I do like the music of the game, the sounds a bit less. The price is a bit high for just over 2 hours (the rest of my time is for mining 8 tradecards) But if you’re into these kind of games or if you can get it for free it worth a try. – Night of the Lepus (Thumbs up – Steam Review)

One of those games I did not relise I ever had in my gaming library, this Radical Roach did slightly more than I expected. A linear two-dimensional game that bumps up the difficulty is firstly appreciated. It looks good enough for an indie made video game. Then for a con, it is restricted by its limitations from frame to frame.

When it switches things up from many enemies at your face to puzzle-like maps, getting an achievement for every level is nice. The Roach itself fighting all the other bugs in its way has some light humour to its story. Dialogue and explosions keep it short and to the point. Where the animation of AI is sometimes in the background and you can’t shoot them out of existence.

As the length is very short unless you play it on the hardest mode, only then can you be rewarded by fully completing it. So only two moves a map and some engaging gameplay, it barely reaches something average. From the boss battles with the most thought point into it to the waves somewhat easily worked out. I can only recommend it to people who would like this kind of thing.

Brutal hardcore! Radical Roach Remastered seems unfair at first, but enemies are appearing pattern based, so it’s actually pretty old-school. It’s a fun diversion and best played in short bursts. – Mena (Thumbs up – Steam Review)





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