Quotes From Dog Fashion Disco (Lyrics)

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DogFashionDisco Dog Fashion Disco | Everybody dance now, Doggie style, Circus music

Since 1997, Dog Fashion has given us alternative metal! More than some of the most unique heavy and variety style songs, the words lean towards something to share. Somewhat filled with good dark humour (Music Videos), the lead vocalist delivers them in an interesting way as well. So read some lyrics and listen to the album below!

  • So you say you want to kick my ass Up and down this block And I say, “Oh no, no” So you say you want to beat my face Into a bloody pulp And I say, “Oh no, no” – Lost In Anacostia
  • Gliding down the gangway, the alley rats are one Innocent as angels packing muzzle loaded guns Trigger happy soldier boy shoots up and down and misses Ignorance, he speaks from the same place that he pisses – G. Eyed Joe
  • pogo happy clown molester paints his face to disguise his jester joined the local moose lodge chapter spawning evil ever after he picks his prey up at the bar gets him drunk and in the car drives him home and down the stairs strips him to his underwear pogo you’re gonna’ burn in hell – Pogo The Clown
  • Sadists and masochists Who penetrate the melody Into a spiral frenzy They will rape you in a minor key – Fetus On The Beat
  • You’ve got me hanging by my throat. Swinging from a tree, Swaying in the breeze. As I die my eyes glaze over. Swinging from a tree, Swaying in the breeze. – Vertigo Motel
  • Draw me a bloodbath o’ sweet rapist eyes, As all the bruised babies hum lullabies, Burnt at the stake old souls fill the skies, Sacrificed for all humanities lies, – Rapist Eyes
  • Martian perform autopsies, On cattle anal cavities, Frontal lobe lobotomies, Electric shocking chimpanzees, This cause of sorrow is desire, Ego fuels the selfish fire, Illusion is reality, Quantum synchronicity, – The Acid Memoirs
  • Napalm Cyanide Burning bodies piled high Hiroshima Vietnam Jesus Christ Islam Cold War Communism Palestine Zionism Holocaust genocide mass decay suicide – War Party
  • Rose buds bloom all over you Reptilian skin to scales You stoke the fire without mercy The fragile betray the frail – Scarlet Fever
  • And now I realize What’s behind those bedroom eyes You’re the sugar that makes the medicine taste so sweet All your preaches bring my to my knees When you wave your hand you’re parting the big blue seas Praise the lord, now you’ve sold out every seat – Tastes So Sweet
  • Purr pussycat you have so many lives to live Claws out, dig deep and scratch away the skin You know you own the night so go howl under the full moon These streets are filled with killers and comic book goons – Silent Film
  • Convulsing to your violent rhythm, twisting and turning en utero I’m out of my body and swimming trough you A nightmarish dream like a maze Dream like a maze, dream like a maze – Sweet Insanity
  • Eat, for this is my body Raise your glass and toast For this is my blood I am the pathway Follow me downward Into the void I am the face of your fear Salvation lives only through me – Dead Virgins Don’t Sing
  • Show me yours and I’ll show you mine dial tone ringin Connect and on I’m on the hotline and talkin now so shut your mouth I know just what I want, and that someone’s you Paint brush strokin in the sinful art of lust the picture becomes clear No time to think twice no time for regret and one thing’s for sure This one’s for me – Adultry




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