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Les Claypool on New Primus Album: We're Bringing Back Goblin Rock

Writing about Primus for the third time in more detail, I got to compile a list of their crazy lyrics. Somewhat structure as a spoken word story, the delivery of each line is perfect to the wacky sound they produce. Also in the comedic effect, in their many years making albums, it is always different. Check out my reviews below or get straight into some tasty sentences.

  • Smells like seven layers. That beaver eats taco bell. – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
  • They call me Mr. Knowitall. I am so eloquent. Perfection is my middle name. And whatever rhymes with eloquent. – Mr. Knowitall
  • O’ course I do Snapdad and lemme tell ya right ’bout now I’m lit up like an ol’ Christmas tree. – Harold Of The Rocks
  • We had our words, a common spat. So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminium baseball bat. – My Name Is Mud
  • Sniffing paint since the seventh grade. He was high on gin and Gatorade – Lacquerhead Live
  • Pricked her finger one day and it occurred to her she might have a porcupine – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
  • Jerry was a race car driver. He drove so god-damned fast. Never did win no checkered flag. But he never did come in last. – Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
  • Jilly always phoned her mother. Emailed daily to her brother. Til she took a junkie lover. And began to fade. – Jilly’s On Smack
  • She feeds her face with cheddar balls. As my brain cells start to pop. She licks her fingers, stares away. Her IQ slowly drops. – Moron TV
  • I don’t believe in Santa Claus. I don’t believe in spite. I have no use for beauty dolls. Especially on this night – Frizzle Fry
  • “For the glory of the landscape they would come to surely taint… Who is this Shirley Taint?” – The Storm
  • Why do we do this C.G. and I? Every night vegetables. Minds numbed up by THC. I’ve got my pen, C.G. the remote. Laurel and Hardy’s the best bet at four A.M. On a Friday – Spegetti Western
  • I sit back and smoke away huge chunks of memory, as I slowly inflict upon myself a full lobotomy. – DMV
  • Poured me out a bowl-a corn chex. Closest thing I could find to apple pie. Lingerin’ taste of toothpaste Made the milk go down a bit funny. But you know, them chex they do satisfy. – Groundhog’s Day
  • I do not wear panties. I’ve never worn panties. But if called upon, panties I will wear. Big white house panties, or small, delicate, European briefs. Whatever panties do he doth say for me to strap up on, I’m gonna go strap up on them panties. – Power Mad
  • Once there was a land that lived in fear of seven goblins. The goblins fed on color. They plowed the valleys and climbed the highest mountains looking for rainbows. And when they found one, they caught it in their lassoes and sucked the colors up, filling their bellies with its black liquid. Only one place in the land had never known goblin fear; a hidden valley called the “Valley of the Rainbow,” where great arches of color were born. There, the animals lived in paradise. – The Valley

Knowing that they tour a lot, I would love to seem them live again. I think I saw them live at Soundwave either 2009 or 2010.




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