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Six Feet Under is meticulous, beautiful, daunting, and powerful. One way or another, it will connect with you, perhaps in places you didn’t expect and aren’t willing to expose. At times wrenching, at other times cathartic, but always staring back at you knowingly, this show stands head and shoulders above the advertising-driven fare that clogs network TV with mediocrity, token minorities, and jarring commercial breaks. It changed the way I view television, and I recommend it to anyone who’s tired of the same old crap. – stonedonkies (IMDB – Raw, personal conflict was never so mesmerizing)

Highly underrated and something I totally recommend in this old HBO show. HBO has made many more shows greater than Game of Thrones. Reviewing this series on Ungroovygords, the link is provided here > https://ungroovygords.com/2017/11/19/six-feet-under-a-tv-show-review/ Not wanting to paraphrase too much on this subject again, this though-provoking show is a philosophical driven drama within the topic of death.

  • Nathaniel Sr.: “Well, well, the prodigal son returns. This is what you’ve been running away from your whole life, buddy boy. Scared the crap out of you when you were growing up, didn’t it? And you thought you’d escape. Well, guess what? Nobody escapes.”
  • Old Man: “If there’s any justice in the universe, she’s shoveling shit in Hell.”
  • Nate: “You can pump him full of chemicals. You can put makeup on him. You can prop him up for a nap in the slumber room; but the fact remains, David, that the only father we’re ever gonna have is gone! Forever. And that sucks, but it’s a goddamned part of life and you can’t really accept it without getting your hands dirty. Well, I do accept it, and I intend to honor the old bastard by letting the whole world see just how fucked up and shitty I feel that he’s dead! God damn it!” Priest: “Amen.”
  • Claire: “I wish that just once people wouldn’t act like the cliches they are.”
  • Keith: “When someone sees you as you really are and wants to be with you, that’s powerful.”
  • Brenda: “No mistake, you guys are undertakers. You take every fucking feeling you have, put it in a box, and bury it.”
  • Father Jack: “The hardest part about my work is the fact that most people don’t want a real relationship with God. Yeah sure, they’ll pray to a man nailed to a cross, but they’ll ignore the gay kid who gets strung up, or the black man who gets dragged behind a car, or someone’s mother living in a box.”
  • Claire: “Oh god, can’t I just get upset without having to focus on what’s really making me upset?”
  • Nate: “All that lives, lives forever. Only the shell, the perishable passes away. The spirit is without end. Eternal. Deathless.”
  • “You want me to complain? Alright then, fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck all of you and your sniveling self pity, and fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while we’re at it. Fuck my selfish, bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband and my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you Robby, for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a Snickers bar. I’m going to get something to eat!”
  • Nate: “Yeah, I’ll have a double dub – uh – uh – a – a Chubby – a double Chubby – a Chubby Chubby – a double double – a double chubby – a chubby chubby – a chub – I’ll have a doub – I’ll have a double Chubby cheeseburger. Oh, fuck me!”
  • Father Jack: “People might wonder what point there is in leading a life where you don’t touch any other lives. But it would be arrogant of us to assume that. Every life is a contribution, we just may not see how. I’m going to encounter Emily Previn, even if it is in death. Everyone comes into our life for a reason, and it is our responsibility to learn what they have to teach us.”
  • Billy: “That’s the thing about Narcissus, it’s not that he’s so fucking in love with himself, because he isn’t at all. He fucking hates himself. It’s that without that reflection looking back at him, he doesn’t exist.”
  • Olivier: “In the beginning, if you hate something, it’s good, because you don’t recognize the beauty of your own truth.”
  • Nate: “You can’t expect everything to be perfect all the time, and you can’t get shaken when it isn’t. If there’s a moment when it feels like you’re in prison, you just have to think of all those other moments when it feels safe. And remind yourself that those moments outweigh the prison moments.”
  • Brenda: “Being alone is the prison, just thinking about yourself, just trapped in this fucking vortex, always watching yourself. Which I suppose is okay if you’re interesting. The truth is: nobody is that interesting.”
  • Russell: “That’s where everything started. In those cave paintings, there was the creation of the idea of image, of the representation of ourselves.”

Thy acting gig that raised the level in the actor’s individual careers. Typing all this out, it makes me desire to rewatch it all again. Nearly October I intent to recap one of the fresh television show’s season if that interests you. Otherwise, thousands more quote lists on media just like this coming soon!




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