First Impression Of Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life (Prologue)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Beyond Order | Jordan Peterson

Having not read a book in over a year, I decided to start this sequel by Jordan B. Peterson. Despite consuming way more studies and various outlets of resources, Beyond Order has interested me since it was released 11 months ago. Previously listening to the original as an audiobook, this 100,000-word book should cut it way down compared to the 10 hours of audio. Right from the start, I still have hype after getting to the title of the first rule.

The prologue like many others tells a process in how it was made. The former lector and clinical technician took a few years off for a key reason. While accused as just another political debate guy, his whole family were dealing with a lot of physical health problems. From surgery to types of autoimmune illness, he keeps hope describing being barely able to breathe during recovery.

Mock for resorting to addictive use of Benzodiazepines, he adds personal details not heard in the public interview I have seen that can make you see how he can overcome. Talking about forcing himself to even write this during this time, comparisons are telling what comes next within security and control. I expect there shall be warnings of authoritarian uprisings or deterrents in the following chapters.

Spawning from a Quora website answer, the table of context shows more and better titles for rules in The Antidote of Chaos text. While this opener is solid for any fan of the man in question, there is still so much more to consider going forward. Non-fiction books are difficult although if specific to the present, I bet aiming to finish this by the end of the year, it holds a lot of packed social implicature worth considering.

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