Faust Quasimodo #FreeVerse #Poetry

A freeverse written by Lee Sonogan

Quasimodos Penthouse on Behance

Goethe tells us in his greatest poem that Faust lost the liberty of his soul when he said to the passing moment, ‘Stay, thou art so fair. – Robert Kennedy

Fausta frustration limited scope to one’s knowledge,

Disillusioned on the roofs of a Low Sunday,

Untiring, purposeful and positive effect umbrella sedge,

Exhibited speed, agility, smell, strength extremely keen.

The first surrender in participation in this bast cosmic movement,

Deformed by the past advances of Notre dame,

Call me a humpback as a camel in the desert,

I may roughly coarse although mostly professedly feared by name.

Mephistopheles entering relatable rather than revivable,

Cautionary tales hunch at a bit of von Goethe and a little of Nosferatu,

Sanctuary! Just recently likeable to become permissible,

When I get there I shall deal with the devil collector of internal revenue.

We shall not attempt to give the reader an idea of that tetrahedron nose-that horse-shoe mouth-that small left eye over-shadowed by a red bushy brow, while the right eye disappeared entirely under an enormous wart-of those straggling teeth with breaches here and there like the battlements of a fortress-of that horny lip, over which one of those teeth projected like the tusk of an elephant-of that forked chin-and, above all, of the expression diffused over the whole-that mixture of malice, astonishment, and melancholy. Let the reader, if he can, figure to himself this combination. – Victor Hugo




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