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Since my high school days, I have been listening to this band. There is a lot more specific lyrics I could list but the following is a baker’s dozen of my favourites. Aside from even more songs I could list, it is the implementation of the dialogue vocals is the really impressive part. M. Shadows has the most unique sounding voice as well as the talent to write his own stuff. Overall there are some reviews over on UNGROOVYGORDS to do on this band’s album.

  • To keep you down, behind your back, the time has come, the end is near.
    It’s when you sleep, so late at night, and in the light, getting prepared.
    It’s not to help you, but help their cause, under one system, you won’t exist.
    They are the few, with all the power, our system screams, “We can’t let them tear our hearts out!” Breaking Their Hold
    Screaming, pulling on our pride. Stand together for the right cause, one system to our demise.
  • The city dressed in jewels and gold, fine linen, Myrrh and pearls
    Her plagues will come all at once as her mourners watch her burn.
    Destroyed in an hour
    Merchants and captains of the world, sailors, navigators, too
    Will weep and mourn this loss with her sins piled to the sky
    The Beast and the Harlot. The Beast and the Harlot
  • He who makes a beast out of himself
    Gets rid of the pain of being a man
    No! Bat Country
  • Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost
    It’s empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Seize The Day
  • Staring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise.
    Living another day in disguise.
    These feelings can’t be right,
    lend me your courage to stand up and fight on tonight. M.I.A
  • Shhh… quiet, you might piss somebody off
    Like me, motherfucker, you’ve been at it for too long
    While you feed off others’ insecurities
    You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds Critical Acclaim
  • Shame pulses through my heart from the things I’ve done to you.
    It’s hard to face but the fact remains that this is nothing new.
    I left you bound and tied with suicidal memories
    Selfish beneath the skin but deep inside I’m not insane. Almost Easy
  • Cherishing, those feelings pleasuring
    Cover me, unwanted clemency
    Scream till there’s silence
    Scream while there’s life left, vanishing
    Scream from the pleasure unmask your desire
    perishing Scream
  • Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times,
    I can’t believe it,
    Ripped her heart out right before her eyes,
    Eyes over easy, eat it, eat it, eat it A Little Piece Of Heaven
  • Dragged ya down below,
    Down to the Devil’s show,
    To be his guest forever,
    (Peace of mind is less than never)! Nightmare
  • Evil thoughts can hide
    I’ll help release the mind
    I’ll peel away the skin
    Release the dark within Buried Alive
  • Blood is spilt while holding keys to the throne
    Born again but it’s too late to atone
    No mercy from the edge of the blade
    Dare escape and learn the price to be paid Hail To The King

Fun facts! the band’s name came from the bible while attending catholic school “Therefore, whoever kills Cain will be avenged sevenfold.-Genesis 4:15, Lexham English Bible. M. Shadows = Matthew Sanders Zacky Vengeance = Zachary Baker Synyster Gates = Brian Haner Jr. Johnny Christ = Jonathan Seward The Rev (RIP) = James “Jimmy” Sullivan.




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