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1hr32mins (2021) Action, Crime, Drama

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Bob Odenkirk's Nobody Review: High Body Count, Low Impact | Observer
Some pretty decent performances but bob really takes the cake here. A fun film to watch with some really cool scenes and impressive cinematography. It’s funny, it’s intense, it’s entertaining and overall it’s just awesome. – OscarAwesomeness (IMDB – 9/10)

Different from the cheesy action flicks, Bob Odenkirk’s somewhat first fighting film is far from a Nobody. Right from the start, it is depressing to empathising how he is just a normal guy who made a mistake but how were you wrong. As the above comment mentions the unique cinematography, when the fists are thrown is the most satisfying about the movie. Using only $16 million as a budget, it made $38.3 million at the box office during Covid-19.

Now detailing some spoilers, the trailer written about here left some imagination although the context delivers around the mid. Having flaws near the end, that’s where when people said it was over the top, and went over. As much as I like Christopher Lloyd, his role did not do many favours in taking it all seriously. Nonetheless, it slightly reminded me of the newest Joker at times or that film called Drive with Ryan Gosling but containing more memorable scenes.

Almost a dark comedy as well, the fast pace by design flows enough to express the nerve is nerves expressed. Mysterious at the forefront making it decent, another complement is even though some stuff, not my perfected taste, at least it did not get stale. Maybe the whole revenge genre like references to John Wick leaves a bad stigma to fully invest in possible? Overall the surprising good choreography is one more compliment I can mention.

Now I recommend this if you like the actor as much as I do. On the other hand, I believe this will be forgotten over time. It is unpredictable and has thriller elements to the point of not being the right amount that specific people want. To conclude with this statement, it worthy of consuming if I’m being generous. On any further analyse I bet you would roughly put it in the ranked seven category either low or high.


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