Directly Odd #FreeVerse #Poetry

A freeverse written by Lee Sonogan

You have to be odd to be number one" - Dr. Seuss [1920x1080][OC] :  QuotesPorn | Seuss quotes, Dr seuss quotes, Wallpaper quotes

Number is divided into even and odd. Even number is divided into the following: evenly even, evenly uneven, and unevenly uneven. Odd number is divided into the following: prime and incomposite, composite, and a third intermediate class (mediocris) which in a certain way is prime and incomposite but in another way secondary and composite. – Isidore of Seville

Consecutive not quite exactly possible into pairs,

In the number line, one is the first positive-negative, 

Visual Interest aside from its own independents,

Chasing dependent zero ends when what is said is perseverative.

Two or more odd numbers is always odd,

Induced similar to oppositional defiant disorder,

Remainder oppsited to parity of zigzag goldenrod,

You must know Fermat’s theorem first before suborder.

There are 24 non-even primes between 1 to 100,

Discernable random not so unpredictable,

Still not predetermined occurrence properties cloistered,

Interval deficient less 13 and an extra seven factorization polysyllable.

This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers. Away; go. They say there is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death. – Wiliam Shakespeare

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