Opera Of The Phantom #FreeVerse #Poetry

A freeverse written by Lee Sonogan

The Final Lair (Down Once More) | The Phantom of The Opera - YouTube

I really don’t understand because I love opera, because I respect the Michelangelos and da Vincis, that it should be shocking because I am a wrestler. Because I am a wrestler does it mean that I am some kind of a robot who only knows to go into the squared circle and pound on somebody? Share this – Bruno Sammartino

Le Fantôme de by Gaston Leroux,

A lurking foe villain of any show,

The masked figure hiding in plain sight,

Beneath the catacombs taking a bow.

Exercising reign of terror over all who inhabit it,

This musical house has a cacodemon,

One with the revenant apparition that bogle chit,

Including those backstage as a foramen.

Malevolent most quiet poltergeist,

Misdeeds drove so far which are touchable,

Three acts larger than life transformative surpliced,

Morphology is opposite to increased specific cuspidal.

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication. Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation. Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the power of the music of the night.” – Charles Hart, The Phantom of the Opera




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