What Happened To Swamp Thing 2019?

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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“By leaning into the horror of it all, Swamp Thing swims deep into the trenches of this strange world and returns with a scary good TV show.” – Metacritic

The DC Comics streaming service has given us some fresh and original shows since it was launched back on September 15th, 2018. Swamp Thing is a series that centres around the character Abby Arcane who returns home to Louisiana to investigate a deadly virus at a mysterious swamp. With most people regarding this show as positive, it came as a shock to hear that it was shortened from 13 episodes to ten and then being cancelled before a season 2.

There are many reasons why this DC comics show was cancelled during the production and post-production process. The main reason was because of an accounting error. Because of this error made by North Carolina, they did not receive the $40 million rebates for the show. However, later it was discredited down to $31 million with a max payment of $12 million per season. John Gholson who originally posted this on Twitter has closed his Twitter account due to this.

In this paragraph, I will be describing my thoughts about the show. First, visually the show looks very impressive with it being shot in cinemascope, which is an unusual format for a tv show. The many horror elements are believable and well-timed and the portrayal of all the characters in Marias, Louisiana are heavily focused on. And it makes you feel hopeful from episode one giving Swamp Thing an interesting origin story.

“Don’t Really Know Or Understand Why.” – James Wan

Saying that I had higher expectations for this show because I read the Alan Moore Swamp Thing comic book series. Comparing and contrasting the two different Swamp Things, this show needs more Swamp Thing and a little less of the other characters. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing was amazing because Alex Holland was a big part of the green and gave poetic monologues about his thoughts and feelings. In this 2019 series, Swamp Thing to be was still very much human.

Character development and interest were shown from the characters Abby Arcane, Jason Woodrue and Avery Sunderland but the potential of what would have happened in season 2 would have been way better and led onto some of the Alan Moore Swamp Thing stories. With the success of shows of the DC Comics streaming service, this cult following show could make a comeback there or somewhere else. Even though this is not a review, If I had to rate Swamp Thing (2019) out of ten it would have to be a 7.56/10.




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