Queue Ahead Of You #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

Jumping the Queue

Untitled Character (V.O)

Must be a rush hour because just look at this concatenation! Form lines, get into rows, wait your turn, walk-in which align. Did you get the memo? This is all from Oregon Trail’s wagon to an autocade train. The cavalcade of rearing squadron one way and an echelon at the other. Pull of the horn as a logjam entourage slaps the coloum chained to utter retinue cortège, a snarl. Tailback to a thrown bottleneck congest backup, in the next frame in the mural disguised as a picture.

Tress braided corny dreadlocks sig alert. As we most should know our pageant cordon upon flotilla impasse. There we stand still at the picket across the promenade concur a spectacle at least sitting towards the blank screen. Yatra yada, obstructions of both blocked roads and a stalemate. Please just give me something array of which could tie up!

The online speech feature is not spoken out loud within the tabular priming behind the scenes. Reserve vs waiting at each succession of relation to the difference suite arrangement is in mind. At twelve o’clock, what vanward cutting-edge precocious eminent. Regulated triage from rank enfilades clogged crocodile. What marshal will it take for assemblage march past posse nexus would right now be sublime?

(‘Sir move forward please!’)




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