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A TV Show review written by Lee Sonogan

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More relevant than ever, Foundation is a must to bring up debates about imperialism, post-capitalism, and also to analogize the negationism that has emerged in this pandemic period. I recommend it to everyone who is passionate about science fiction and about how this genre is more about looking at the present than the future itself. – felipecs (Metacritic -10/10)

I have never read the book but have consumed this production adapted from the writer’s most famous book Foundation. Initially researching avoid spoilers at all cost I was concerned about how different it would be from the book. As there is a modern touch to these first four main stories from it and filler prequels. The world-building, philosophy, politics and math have inspired most of the science fiction out there since the original release.

Fan of the movie I, Robot? Made by the same guy, this one is about interesting questions into individuality and if it is possible in fundamental change. It does have the royal drama which is so good that it needed more scenes dedicated to it. Crossing through many different characters from a perspective view, there is more than the main view you can appreciate than the rest. As the main character was gender-swapped from the source material, it is mostly subtle which episode two is the most obvious in differences.

Exclusive to Apple Plus, this is the third one from that platform I would recommend. Even though it highly inspired the likes of Star Wars, Dune and ect, this television show only went so far in development. Maybe if this was made in the 80s or something and ran longer, then maybe at times where it felt flat would not have been so bad.

Hari Seldon stands out as the best acting performance/dialogue for me. You could say he’s like a future Nostradamus although the theories of mathematical abraxas remain to be compelling into even real life. The concept of psychohistory goes deeper as the author also used to be a biochemist as well. Investing in this might be a struggle but worth it if you manage to get to the end.

Visually done with a well-round budget to impress, there is more than enough here to get me excited about season 2. Content here is not for everyone although a pillar of a genre before its time. It captures the imagination to where all the point of interest collides. While containing a flow leave openings to always make you keep guessing what will happen next.


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