The Devil All The Time – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2h18min (2020) Crime, Drama, Thriller

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The Devil All the Time: Exclusive Poster for Netflix's Tom Holland and  Robert Pattinson Movie - IGN
The place beyond the pines + No country for old men. Good job netflix – chompytil (IMDB – 8/10)

Some people can’t handle the concept of god real and this exaggerated time period piece set just after World War 2. This Netflix original is a psychological thriller based in a backwards town full of sinister characters. For Tom Holland in his best movie in my opinion is the protagonist all along from child to young adult. The arching stories between the cast include names such as Bill Skarsgard, Robert Pattinson and more mix crime corruption with the scenery in religious narrative brutality.

At a bulky length, the dramatised elements get pretty intense in places. Then as it transits between locations and time, the engagement is mostly solid. The cinematography and soundtrack also need to be played with sixties non-copyrighted music being played at perfect times. Acting-wise, the conflicts between people are a warm sense of relief in performance. While a lot of connections were delivered, some scenes developing the plot were not as consistent in impact.

Currently, somewhat low rating in places, give it the benefit of the doubt due to going in my expectations were way lower. I’ll label it as in the idiom category of not being everyone’s cup of tea but the potential to appeal to many viewers even though it’s got an R rating. Morally twisted, it gives you faith that the industry will continue to make quality content that pushes the limits in all areas. Maybe a little anti-christian although that makes this story what it is and how compelling it got.


Wow. I thought I was in for something else. I didn’t think this movie would be in such a high level on artistic grounds. Great story and the director shot with a correct pace which would not bore us. The casting was excellent and all did great. The music is other impressive thing in this movie. I’m happy that Netflix is delivering some content driven good movies nowadays. Overall, I recommend this movie because it’s crazy and worth your time. – Azanspy (IMDB – 8/10)

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