Superman: Red Son – Movie Review

A movie written by Lee Sonogan

1hr24mins (2020) Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

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Superman: I am no hero. I am merely a servant of the state who seeks, as you do, to better the lives of our citizens.

Answering the question of what would happen if Superman did not land in Kansas. Red Son has this Elseworlds scenario during the Cold War with him landing in Soviet Russia. Politically charged in its plot and changes from the comic that came out in the early 2000s, viewers had commented on it in a mixed reaction. Due to the nature of communism vs capitalism idealogy referenced, your perspective on this will depend on your view of its social commentary.

Not everything is woke! Wanting to read the source material, I have had an interest in checking out this adaptation since I first heard it was going to be made. To my surprise, reviews on the website IMDB is highly negative while the YouTube channel No Bullshit amongst others are highly critical. Interpreting some SJW moments which are not too bad, Wonder Woman was the worst offender. They claim that this is socialist propaganda in the wake of the upcoming American election is hard to take seriously.

Other than those types of cons the story and dialogue displayed was unique with context than on the other hand, it seemed to rush in a lot of scenes. The spin of characterization reflected with Lex Luger being the same though this time he was portrayed as the hero. By the end the message of authoritarian extreme/radical left rule will inherently fail, the ending fell flat to some extent.

Brandon Zachary: While it might not be perfect, Superman: Red Son is more morally ambiguous and ambitious than many of the past DC animated films, and makes for a compelling entry to the canon.


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