Dead Air #Tanka #Poetry

A tanka written by Lee Sonogan

The Power Of Dead Air

“Calvin says he’s thinking of starting his own radio talk show. He tells Hobbes how he’s going to spout simplistic solutions for hours, ridicule people who disagree with him, and generally foster cynicism, divisiveness, and a lower level of public dialogue. Hobbes tells him he was born for the job.” – David A. Poulsen, Dead Air: A Cullen and Cobb Mystery

Three to four seconds,

Allot coiled recalibrate,

Morose perfuses,

Monophrasis amputate,

Toggle station quiescences.

“The flood will lift the ghosts from the Hollywood lawn cemetery and they will disappear like ether in the now dead air. All the names will be erased from the billboards and the theatres and the piers and the magazines and the monuments. You live by myths of immortality, and your myths are not safe.” – Robert Montgomery

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