Sonic The Hedgehog – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr39min (2020) Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Sonic the Hedgehog Review | Den of Geek
Sonic the Hedgehog: So, as I crashed into the cold dark water of the Pacific, I realized a few things: A – I have no idea where I’m going. B – Salt water stings. C – I shouldn’t even be on this planet right now, but I am! Why? Because you shot me!

Live adaptations from video games are usually terrible. With it being very successful at the box office making millions, I finished judging what all the hype was about. Nostalgic playing Sonic on the Sega video game system as a kid, stuff like that gets me through family-friendly movies. From the CGI change demanded by fans to Jim Carey’s performance as the antagonist, the wholesome comedy is a chill time.

There are some key scenes in this of montages with the perfect music to it. Other than that commenting some negative, a lot of things were fairly predictable. There were fewer references to the game I desired and the powers of the anthropomorphic being were exaggerated than the original. The humour is a little bit on the nose at times, regardless you shall find moments that will make you feel something.

Overall there was enjoyment to be had young and old although it does not deliver as strongly as I was hoping. James Marsden’s character is able to get some chemistry with the visual effect puppet but Jim Carrey’s dialogue stood out from the rest. To use one word to describe this film is ‘alright‘. I would recommend allowing children to watch, then check it out if you want but I won’t be viewing this adaption any time soon.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik: [stranded] Uninhabited planet, no resources, no supplies, no apparent way home… A lesser man would die here. I’ll be home by Christmas!


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