F Is For Family – TV Show Review (Season 4)

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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F Is For Family' Season 4 Review: Bill Burr Uses Comedy To Call ...
Great season that delves deeper into the themes of the series. The choice of bringing the father of Frank into the story and how they handled it made this season one of the best yet.maxieresistent (Metacritic – 8/10)

I am in a dilemma because I swear I reviewed this show already on UNGROOVYGORDS. Then again knowing season 4 was already scheduled maybe I have been saving it right now. Binge-watching it in two days this rating and thoughts/feelings will be based in 2020 will be focused on. Other than the whole year show in one shot being published on Netflix, the F for Family now means father. With this new element plus consistency from other storylines, I believe it is the best episode arc in its original franchise.

Key factors of dark and shocking humour set in an interesting period of time. Story-based with many conjunctures it can resonate with you regarding messed up families just in time for Father’s Day in America. Frank’s (The Main Character) history reveals the origin of why he is the way he is in this season. His father is abusive with his own paraphrased catchline of “throw you down the well” instead of ‘through the wall’. The kids go through mean streaks as well with Bill the Rat playing hockey and Maureen becomes friends with a bully.

In opposite Kevin’s personality is changing for the better as a girlfriend influences his music and how he behaves. Then the wide (Sue Murphy) ponders the pressures of having another child. Many other characters play their roles as the flow intertwines together in a worthwhile finale at the end. Inbetween expect a solo Rosie episode, problems being ignored escalating, and classic Bill Burr styled writing in all areas. I highly recommend this piece of animation as it contains compelling substance mixed with politically incorrect comedy.

One of the best shows on tv right now. Certainly deserves a watch. It never gets boring for a second. And the protagonist is at least as relatable as Bojack Horseman (Jonathan Banks has done a great job by the way) bagiyevmarif (IMDB – 10/10)





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