Work In Progress: 50 Most Polarizing Claims I Can Think Of

A list written by Lee Sonogan

What is a Polarizing Filter? Polarizing Filter Definition

You thought polarization and conspiracy theories were bad before corpses started reanimating and eating folks? It got a hell of a lot worse afterwards. – Eliza Andrews, Bigger Monsters

  • To begin this list of polarising ideas, I shall quote Jonathan Swift who said ‘That the universe was formed by a fortuitous concourse of atoms, I will no more believe than that the accidental jumbling of the alphabet would fall into a most ingenious treatise of philosophy.’ 1/50
  • No matter the origin of conscious/unconscious existence How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning’. As the theological first fallen angel was to taste pure freedom, that does not mean the pygmation/golem effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy, is true. 2/50
  • General hypocritical labels such as publicly stating ‘you are your own god’ have never heard or been something greater than only their selfish selves. This initial overlaying illusion that could be considered a narcissistic personality disorder tends to collapse upon itself. 3/50
  • Chaos Theory or the Butterfly effect is apparent random numbers in doing something small. Which is incompatible governed deterministic laws yet to be fully understood as the desired big reaction goes against ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’. 4/50
  • To quote Eckhart Tolle ‘To realize that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually.’. Thoughts are only an interpretation of a repeating inner dialogue of earlier ensued memories or events. These inputs and outputs are not close to who you are. 5/50
  • As much as religion is an important factor in our history, organised religion may give faith although enforced has encouraged its own kind of martial law. Spiritual beliefs are one thing of curiosity and wonder. Dogmatic cults are highly predictable in words and their actions. 6/50
  • Fear is gripping, tension and clinginess, love is the release, openness, curiosity and expansion. This definition is two sides to the same coin and is indistinguishable from each other. This also explains why there must be walls that are able to generate automacy to coexist. 7/50
  • The bigger our ego, the greater our vulnerability is a deadly paradox that runs wild like a virus. You can tell what heroes or villains who have ever had a complete loss of subjective self-identity or a journey that received an honest dissolution psychic ego death. 8/50
  • Everyone has their own layers of physical and mental sensitivity in the biological sense. I bet if I push hard enough I could get anyone to react negatively although deeper down it is more about the creation of the confusion and interactions not knowing what involved wants. 9/50
  • ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’ is one step up from feelings. Using the litmus test unhinged feelings is acid contra to bases of emotion with precision. But what is behind those bases and how relevant is it to the neural peace you were looking for in the first place? 10/50
  • Charles Stross said ‘I tend to work on the principle that much humour relies on cognitive dissonance – on the foreground not matching the background, on the protagonist’s response to a situation being inappropriate, and so on.’ A coping mechanism for comedy/tragedy. 11/50
  • Foundation psychology starts with the basis of cognitive behavioural therapy that can help you overcome panic. Although once you are calm, the roots of any issues are more difficult to solve and left with the history and experience of the practitioner’s assimilation. 12/50
  • Mental illness is a serious matter and no medicine which can leave you hollow is a substitute for what only you can do to find peace. The saying when you work on yourself first one step at a time, then you can have enough to help others inside the trial and error of life. 13/50
  • Extremism is the allegory between the furthest left or right on a spectrum that is authoritarianism vs the centrally moderate core which aims at the mark of being universally sustainable. And blaming Nazis or Communists of the past on people innocent is counterproductive. 14/50
  • Prime numbers and random walks on a square grid determines the different stages of competence that follows sequences in a hierarchy. Within the primitive related to the dominated, we can show what is a strawmen fallacy (Composition) and what is not. 15/50
  • You cannot go over the speed of light or create a perpetual motion yet. Even though the solid scientific method is getting closer to computer simulations, it is still only metaphysics. More data about data is surely not even close to what a synthesised whole could be. 16/50
  • There is a fine line between what censorship and freedom of speech are and what is actually going to be harmful. Direct threats are no joke and anything else is identity politics which is usually out of mob rule or primitive abuse of social tribalism motives. 17/50
  • The assembly line in levels of governments or too pride and prejudice in a flawed or took the difficult weak form of majority in voting error. The fact that most records are not public tells you they don’t more people to be politically active or have deeper discourse than they are having. 18/50
  • Capitalism is not that bad as its identitarian monopoly usually in a highly regulated two-party system is not its full potential. Like communism is a two-sided glass ceiling, the fullest potential of free-market capitalism is momentum and where the debates of what is next. 19/50
  • Organisation of humanity has failed in any way you can think of it. Linguistics is not complete and the quality of leaders that have simply just been low. Fighting the culture war is not enough as circumstance and the simultaneous out weighs long term development. 20/50 
  • A resource-based economy seems like a logistical nightmare as it would only work on small farms. Or globalism with nationalism where people form their own kinds of united nations. ‘The great reset’ is a world where you don’t own anything, including yourself. 21/50
  • The military-industrial complex is necessary in a world full of conflict circumstances and fluxing simultaneously. Their presence might be the best indicator of why no one has been nuked since WW2. War is at the home forefront of approaching civil war and peace is most wanting it. 22/50
  • If anyone only has identity politics at their disposal, then they are the ones with invoking their own personal identity politics. There is a big difference between philosophical zombies and how they apply to everyone else. Pride and prejudice come from positive and negative loops. 23/50
  • The mainstream media have two sayings ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ and ‘sex sells’. They are the proponents of the culture wars that makes everyone else paranoid. Know what is a soulless corporation and what small businesses are doing in our forms of localism. 24/50
  • In journalism know what sensationalism is and you can either be offended or use it in a respectful reaction/creation accordingly. Very important in understanding the patterns of trends and how social media’s algorithms force you to engage to then land on advertising. 25/50
  • If something is completely free, then the consumer is usually the product. If something else is completely behind a paywall then they are their own niche. What lays in-between is nicheless that offers services of what they understand of just being. 26/50
  • Social media is not an excuse to be offended at 280 characters at a time perspective. Then you are forcing compelled speech irrelevant to inherently more semantics or pragmatics. Anything you are offended by is usually a lack of creative cure to contribute or move forward. 27/50
  • The custom of protests is usually based on civil rights in law cases, not research articles containing more perspectives. What rights are left to have in first world countries compared to the other continents that are actually in need of reforms? 28/50
  • Alpha and Omega are not the best exponents of power and how they relate to gender rights. A male alpha chad is as strange as the feminists or the transgender activists are. While equally annoying appealing to the lowest denominator of chemical reactions in hormones. 29/50
  • Aborsortion and conception are treated as the same things and are neither pro-life nor pro-choice. It is something against your own will or a poor previous decision that could have been avoided altogether. 30/50
  • There should be a death penalty or capital punishment as some sociopaths have begged for it. If cannot stop yourself from being violent even coming out of prison, there needs to be a survival need to stop the cycle in society. Only in severe and specific cases though as this one is complicated. 31/50
  • There needs to be a social safety net as well as all work each day in our lives is different. In the matter of taxes sake instead of being stolen from you, social security needs to ensure that your reasonable work is acknowledged or earned. 32/50
  • Multiculturalism is inevitable as long as countries are run off partisan participation. And if you have seen that South Park episode, with it ok to have interracial couples, one day the colour of everyone will be more grey than any trivial pigmentation in modern times 33/50
  • There is no such thing as racism due to most people only dealing with others on independent matters and abstracts. Then and accusation of being superior is based on disagreement, lack of communication skills or issues arising in complete opposite polarization filters. 34/50
  • Affirmative Action or reparation has been more systemically discriminatory to the ideal of merit than the long term resolutions. Sociology impact is only as good as their transitions in the present. Making further learning easier for some and harder for others. 35/50
  • The nuclear family is very important to society is the only ones adapt to teach their own children and relate to close generations. To understand hereditary problems, or closer to where they came from a genetic sense. Partner recognition that lasts while able to provide adult knowledge downwards. 36/50
  • We do treat animals as lesser beings although it is commonplace that we treat humans as lesser beings. As they can’t speak for themself like many double-edged swords, their plight can only be solved by default. Otherwise, you turn into PETA and be as corporate as they come. 37/50
  • Decriminalize all drugs so services can be provided to wean them off them. Then leave recreation alone as consumption is not sustainable although help with pain and is wired for types of performance-enhancing. Self-destructive users are more than likely to accept help if needed. 38/50
  • Regarding vaccines, we did get experiments in a short time when the most effective is proven over five years. How about when viruses do happen we only quarantine the most vulnerable (Old people, obesity, pre-existing immune ones) and then establish what’s safe against direct infection. 39/50
  • You can not fix climate change and future-proofing things is only so far speculation. 97 percent of climate scientists agree humans are responsible for it although inaccurate as in 11,944 studies, only 3974 expressed a view. Then 64 of them said humans were the main cause.  40/50
  • We can future proof so call global warming but need to be realistic. Staring with rare minerals for electric cars is hard to find, solar only at night and wind easily beat up. How about the most contributors of carbon dioxide with two of the largest populations in India and China. 41/50
  • Energy is more than dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins are not the only forms of energy. Deeper it is the raw particles, forces the compel them and the longitude/transverse wave floating around each atom. Or even smaller humble enough to make you stop and transfer it differently. 42/50
  • Everyone one has their own form of equality. In business terms, equity is the insurances and building blocks of an asset although if going over the top, it is a resource thats never going to last. 43/10
  • Paradoxes are meant to be solved and the mirror effects of light at right angles need to be analyzed at zero angles or lower. Keeping photocells transmitted on an axis is then detecting adequate components at ninety-degree angles at the same moment 44/50
  • Zeros are important to mathematics but not even close to representing an omnipresent god. The ad hoc quasi/concave to convex is the bare minimum the holds everything else together. Divided amongst itself does more than a secular mindset can ever do. 45/50
  • Transhumanism is another thing that is inevitable although be something that we cannot return from. Artificial intelligence will go through the same interfaced process as us. 46/50
  • The singularity in technology does not mean the machines will outsmart us. It is up to us to pull up our bootstraps in healthy completion and work together to get us both out of polarisation. We are the same product of a nurtured computer simulation. 47/50
  • Mere sound and phonology are the lowest forms of language with music uniquely used in one-dimensional harmonic sequences. A tool for education, propaganda and fictional stories, linear structure for children. Such a pure straight line is nothing without all the other integers in unison. 48/50
  • The human brain is binary with the cerebral and the cerebellum establishes balance with senses. Along with the limbic system of the grey matter, there is no way to 100 percent use it. It is your actions louder the words built on top of it is relevance in overlaying descriptive. 49/50
  • Overall in what attracts and repels is fundamental in two-dimensional thinking while able to run on two/three dynamics. Everything else listed here is a part of three-dimensional regression with many variables not touching the real haptic surface tactile and time above it. 50/50

The underlying problem is that we aren’t arguing policies; we’re arguing about identities, and therefore compromise is never considered a principled realization that they might have some legitimate concerns. It is, at best, a Machiavellian strategy forced on us by the bad group. – Patricia Roberts-Miller, Demagoguery and Democracy

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