The Boys – Tv Show Review (Season 2)

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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The Boys season 2 trailer: Five key takeaways | Entertainment News,The  Indian Express

So good to review and quote once, here is the review for season 2. Being a series that I followed weekly, I considered doing individual recaps but it did not come into existence… Nonetheless, even though the last episode was near the beginning of last month, most of the scenes are still fresh in my mind. Developing more meaning and purpose into the characters new and old, you can say the satire/seriousness blended beautifully into something more profound.

Getting so many parts right, it is still an imperfect beast. Also, all its cons can become solved if it could have a few more episodes added to each season in improving plot elements by slowing down the pace. Saying that it is so engaging and lands epic delivery within unpredictability, its power of structure has the potential to get you hooked appealing to a lot of desires.

Storywise, introducing Starlight into the mix of the group known as The Seven was some compelling stuff, implementing various worthwhile conflicts in the world plus main crew, the final episode was a letdown that I have to be critical on. Regardless, her presence on Homelander might have been the best part of it. All due to how crazy and sociopathic he is transforming towards.

All actors deserve credit for heart and soul in the performance art. In conclusion, a third season has already been ordered, a spin-off is in development; making me very hyped. Thrilling your funny bone or suspense, of course, is highly recommendable as a critic and a general fan. Stepping up anticipation and pushing more limits, I have to rate it higher but not too high.


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