WrestleMania 37 – 2021 (WWE – Night 1 & 2) – Professional Wrestling Recap/Results

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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It is weird but awesome to see a crowd again within the WWE. Nonetheless, this is the pinnacle of this industry. Night 2 shall be better but here is the recap for this one.

Bobby Lashley (c) (with MVP) defeated Drew McIntyre by technical submission Singles match for the WWE Championship (18:20)

Drew gets what he wants by opening up the show. Evenly matched, the heel takes advantage of taking it outside. Dominates for a while to get a good babyface comeback to the cheer of the crowd. Exchanging slams Drew with that big reverse Alabama slam. Bad falling tumble fighting on the top rope. Drew delivers three Future Shock DDT’s in a row to then to a flip on the top rope to both Hurt Business. Counter the Hurt lock and a distraction although slapped back on including a cool backwards roll. The ref calls the match stuck in the submission hold. 3.65/5

Natalya and Tamina won by last eliminating The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott) Tag Team Turmoil match (14:15)

In one of the last matches announced on the card, they immediately showcase these woman’s key manoeuvres. Billie Kay gets the first elimination and the Riot Squad comes on down. Back and forth and the big senton to eliminate the first team. When did Rose and Mandy go heel? After a good showing, a Swanton Bomb hit is rolled up in a Small Package for them to lose. Then the legend’s daughters demand this particular match come out. Riot Squad looked good since they were a trio but a big Splash from Samoa is enough. 3.1/5

Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins Singles match (11:35)

Uppercut right out of the box! Lays in some more signatures but stopped in his tracks by the deadly Buckle Bomb. Fast-paced, cool segment building up the big swing into a Sharpshooter. Seth pulls a corkscrew splash which was not expected! Sudden Nutralisers for a two count. Rollin’s Pedigree for another two counts. Big stomp missed, shoulder spin bomb, big swing and Nuturaliser for Ceasaro to get a first single to win at Wrestlemania 3.6/5

AJ Styles and Omos defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) (c) Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (9:45)

Big E gives a warm welcome to the Raw tag team champs coming out. AJ starts building hype for the big man. Quick stuff gets even slowing teasing that tag. AJ putting on a clinic selling all the combination moves and more. Woods look tiny in comparison to the big man recking like a monster. One foot and there are new champs as I predicted. 2.9/5

Braun Strowman defeated Shane McMahon Steel cage match  (11:25)

Of course, Shane bad guy it up in extension to his henchmen. Slipping out of his hands every time, a big coast to coast dropkick. Tries to escape but knocked him from top rope to the floor. Convenient trash cans at the top but Brawn just rips the cage meshing off the frame. Strowman standing on top now throws Shane off the top with a big flipping bump. That Powerslam after and he wins. 2.6/5

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest defeated The Miz and John Morrison Tag team match (15:05)

The least match excited for, Bad Bunny gets over. Almost dominating they do some cool tag team moves and even a Canadian Destroyer. 1.5/5

Bianca Belair defeated Sasha Banks (c) Singles match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship (17:15)

Serious initial tie-up… Highlights include a suicide dive and a trademark bench press. Rough miss with flying knees, splash but knees up looked brutal. Spinning DDT into Bank Statement touching the ropes. Misses her stomp from the top rope and then is hit by a 450. Sasha touches the hair for it to be whipped very loudly. KOD finisher for the current Royal Rumble winner to get her moment in the sun.

3/5 for the overall show

A recap written by Lee Sonogan
Mandy Rose Responds To Randy Orton Trolling Her At WrestleMania 37 -  Wrestling Inc.

Night 1 was around average in enjoyment, this night has the big stuff! Yesterday I loved Seth Rollins vs Ceasar, here the longest stories shall unfold. The following will be my honest thoughts as to when I watched them.

Randy Orton defeated The Fiend (with Alexa Bliss) Singles Match (5:50)

The Fiend coming out of the box attacks right off the bat. A blaring red light does some psychology in the match but for the most part, evenly matched. Alexa bleeds a black ooze crown casing a distraction and betrays the fiend. Appears to not be the conclusion of this feud or it has simply lost my investment at least for now 2.5/5

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) defeated Natalya and Tamina by technical submission Tag team match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (14:20)

Either team that loses here benefits and is likely to be pushed into other main event roles. Natalia takes it to Nia in the begging. Tamina and Nia clash for the first time from my recollection. Lock in the Sharpshooter but Shayna comes in with her infamous choke and retains. 2.65/5

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn (with Logan Paul) Singles Match (9:20)

Pop up powerbomb right away for Owen to go full force until a suplex on the apron. Deep Fallon Arrow landing on the neck to then trading signatures very fast. Epic 360 suplex off the top rope. Stunner is the finish and predictable Logan Paul siding with the winner happens plus another stunner for the efforts. 3.2/5

Sheamus defeated Riddle (c) Singles match for the WWE United States Championship (10:50)

Sheamus slows him down with Riddle holding on to desperate moves. Spanish fly manoeuvre backflips into the canvas. Sheamus striking back to then gets hit by a flying corkscrew senton. The finish is a springboard backflip and a Bro Kick deliver while his opponent in mid-air and upside down 3.1/5

Apollo Crews defeated Big E (c) Nigerian Drum Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (6:50)

A serious Big E comes out to a band I have never heard of. Kendo sticks slapped in every direction. Big E doing that Suicide Spear he does not do as much anymore. Table set up and a Frog splash does not connect with flesh but the frame of what is set up. Heel Appolo gets himself a servant from Nigera and steals the victory 3.15/5

Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka (c) Singles match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship (13:30)

Rhea Ripley taking Charlotte Flair’s spot, hard-hitting combat starts it off. Ripley shines for a while after being caught in a submission. Elbows, 2 counts and dropkicks. Asuka pulls out a DDT off the apron to the floor in a way I have not seen before! Last year losing, she defeats the long-time champ, deserving every second of the moment. 3.35/5

Roman Reigns (c) (with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman) defeated Edge and Daniel Bryan Triple Threat match for the WWE Universal Championship (21:40)

Here in the main event, will it capture the greatness Wrestlemania 20 had? Still not understanding why a triple threat is No DQ, Jey Uso gets it to his master advantage. Until Edge gives him a DDT on the stairs from outside. Byran then takes control until caught in his second Suicide Dive. Roman takes over and then Edge comes out of nowhere. Segments of close falls are cool and Byran is back into the picture. Yes Kick party shows how good Byran is despite playing the underdog role going in. But killed with a Powerbomb into the announcer’s table. Edge’s Crossface but then uses a piece of a chair to be more brutal. Byran locks in his submission and they headbutt. Multiple Spears bring in another steel chair smashing, teases con chair toe. Jey’s back for Roman to obtain a weapon to hit that Con chair toe, pinning both men. These results are something I am ok with, liking this run by the retaining universal champion. 3.6/5

3.15/5 for the overall show




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