UFC Vegas 22 – Derek Brunson vs. Kevin Holland (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

Derek Brunson puts on suffocating performance to dominate Kevin Holland in UFC  Vegas 22 main event - MMA Fighting

Brunson 37 and Holland at the age of 28, I have not seen these fighters before and this is the biggest difference from a Tale of the Tape I think I have ever seen. Both in the Middleweight division, the younger has the edge in reach and height, but his senior weights more than him. Not knowing it could go all the way in a full 25 rounder, spoilers!; it does…

Touch gloves and Holland fingers first get in close until he slips and is caught in a ground and pound. Risk/reward still tight on top, Brunson throw elbows and punches for ages on the ground. A lot of struggle to get outta a minute and a half, nice effort in surviving on your back. The veteran talks a lot of smacks doing the round with the next one starting on their feet. Trading easy blows Holland lands a good combo to eventually make a takedown from the edge of the cage.

Transiting around the particular squeeze, Brunson loses the hold and back to top to bottom and Holland gets deeper control on a choke. Stalling and weakening grip, it was round three. On the floor again, Holland still has the energy to guard against the wrestling positions proving dominate. Brunson again gets the majority of points being in the top mount for most of it. Fourth round and both rush in to take advantage although the takedown approach is plenty. Anything can happen at the opportunity of separation!

Pushing those power shots still at round five, Holland slams his opponent with the most impact compared to others. Holland is in the top mount for a while, he is kicked off with a minute and a half to go. Wedged in the corner head locked down and switches power in the last thirty seconds. Running out of time that does it with Brunson getting a 22-7-0 to his win/loss record. Kevin Holland gets a loss with now a 21-6-0 record. Technical in defence and implementing how to wear down something, it has some exciting moments other than the grappling taking most of the screen.





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