South Park – (South ParQ Vaccination Special) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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South Park' Mocks QAnon and Vaccine Line-Cutters in New "Vaccination Special" | THR News - YouTube

Going double the time than the previous one, they get into the Covid-19 brutally right away. Each character wearing their there mask does pry away the real hysteria surrounding vaccines against the virus. Plus Qanon is a part of it, this has got to be some controversial, writing this previous before consuming myself. Keen on this quality satire, time will tell how my rating out of ten is.

Changing the initial disclaimer, they reference how this show should not be watched by anyone, just like The Muppets in recent news. Playing a joke in school they quickly transition to a replace teacher. Spoilers, Mr Garrision is back in the town with Mr Service! The old people first in line start acting out because they don’t have to social distancing. Q meet and think the elites are fucking their kids so they need to become the conspiracy teachers themself. The boys steal the medicine and everybody just want a shot

Kommutity kids vs ‘lil’ Qties ends up representing the culture wars from reality. Crossing into multiple 4th walls Garrison and Mr White are lost in the snow, the elites edit the literal screen and Mr Hat is brought back to life. A weird conclusion with every getting what they want except Kenny, and chaos returning to order,. Mr Garrision gets the last word, saying ‘nice doing business with you, you little child-murdering, paedophiles.

Maybe the best thing about this episode is everything taking stuff seriously, but a few reference the depression during the pandemic. Those were my most laugh out loud moments. Overall this delivered In comparison to last year’s special, packing in all the unpredictable and relevant history of modern culture. Honestly can’t wait until they start doing this again on a regular schedule. Really eye-opening to what 2021 can become…


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