Ordinary Man – Album Review (Ozzy Osbourne)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

49:21 (2020) Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

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OSBOURNE, OZZY - Ordinary Man: Deluxe [Limited Edition Foil ...
“just another Ozzy Osbourne solo album, for better and worse. It succeeds in its rawness, its slapdash cobbling together of predictable riffs and lunatic poetry.” Ross Horton, musicOMH

Caught the main singles when the album launched, only now can see have listened to it in its entirety. Ordinary Man is the first studio album as a solo artist in ten years following Scream which came out in 2010. Mixing heavy metal with hard rock ballads gives these songs context as well as having guests in some of them. They include Elton John and Post Malone.

Worthy of people’s attention, the tunes remind you of early Ozzy music and even Black Sabbath to a certain extent. Also adding new musicians to this album, Duff Mckagan from Guns N’ Roses plays base while Chad Smith the drummer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers hits them sticks. As the initial quote for this review mentions, the riffs are nothing too unpredictable is one con.

  • Straight to Hell (Recommended)
  • All My Life
  • Goodbye
  • Ordinary Man
  • Under the Graveyard (Recommended)
  • Eat Me (Recommended)
  • Today is the End
  • Scary Little Green Men
  • Holy For Tonight
  • It’s a Raid (Recommended)
  • Take what You want

For the sheer lack of recommended songs, I have to rate it lower than some other people have commented. Firstly in the order, it does not have that flow that you or I would like. The flatter particular songs are just unmemorable. And it may not be the worst, it is certainly not the best. Black Rain back in 2007 was the best most recent album in my opinion.

“Ordinary Man is far from perfect, but all Ozzy Osbourne’s solo releases tend to reflect their creator’s flaws to one degree or another. It does, however, absolutely succeed on its own terms, serving its purpose by reminding the world just what we’ll miss when this titan among titans finally departs us for good.” – Josh Gray





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