Don’t Look Up – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hr18min (2021) Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

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Don’t Look Up is one of the most fun movies I have seen in 2021. I laughed out loud several times, and the performances are actually great. It was many flaws (I’m looking at you original corny song), but many merits. Watch it and form your own opinion. – doomedmac (IMDB – 7/10)

Things are going to happen and they are unavoidable but how we react is all that matters. Don’t Look Up is a story about astronomers going on a media tour warning about how a comet will destroy the Earth. As far as satire and disaster movies go, this is a highly charged political based one referencing many real-life happenings. Since the cast is full of Hollywood elites you can think it is biased although does a good job showcasing what sides to something is usually hyperbolic or as dumb as each other.

Instantly reminded of the film Idiocracy but in modern times, the absurdity tells light-hearted jokes with a lot of low blows cringes although alarmist things that people believe. The most interesting part of this is how accurate it mocks governments and mainstream media in how with credible information to consider, no one cares. As there is a message to us needing to be more serious about the real issues of the world, the scene with the don’t look upers and do look uppers is pretty cringe although everything else flows quickly into what it needed to be.

Over the top portrayal of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with redneck vs arrogant academics dynamics pushes the identity politics all over the place. Giving you the feeling that this movie is for the majority to be entertained in the state of what they already know. And those only reacting and not creating around the world to be potentially humbled if applying all this not to panic but something useful in the bigger scheme of peace.


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