UFC 258 – Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com


Late to the party, let’s see what this welterweight division fight is all about. Avoiding spoilers all day and a group chat (Could not pick a result from a poll), it is now time to recap it to the best of my ability. Seeing clips of these guys before I don’t think I’ve sat down to see these two in a full fight except Usman in a previous piece on this related content. Regardless, here is my interpretation of what went down in this highly anticipated high profile bout.

In the first exchange of light punches, Burns clips Usman in the back of the head. Pushed to the ground after a head kick, there is some twiddling of feet. Big slaps to the skin and combinations by both individuals until the second round. Round 2 pretty repetitive distance fighting with noticeable jabs, including one memorable one near the final minute off time. Commentators comment on Burn’s face swelling up from the assault. Then for the third round the familiar memorably job knocks Burns to his ass. Pushing forward he ground and pounds him with the flickering force for the ref to call it.

Researching after, Kamaru’s win record is now 18 – 1 – 0 with Burns now at 19 – 4 -0. Draftking Nation had betting odds at Kamaru Usman: -278, Gilbert Burns: +220. Overall I decent standing contest with some unpredictable Kamaru dominating large parts of the rounds. Burns never gave up making it engaging and competitive to reach a score of 7.45 out of ten. https://www.youtube.com/embed/KXVC6mhalEQ?feature=oembed




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