South Park – (The Pandemic Special) – Episode Recap

 A recap written by Lee Sonogan
South Park: "The Pandemic Special" Review - IGN

It has been months since I recapped a South Park episode > Doubling their normal length, it is very fitting to this year’s chaos so I have a lot to say about it. Tackling the Coronavirus/police defunding and many other sub-categories, it looks like they are only getting started. Mimicking the current state of the world, there is a lot to unpack…

Right away they question if this is a good idea referring to real-life stuff and Randy’s newest weed concoction. Taking the opportunity to make money, the quick success gathering the people of the town square, he is instantly successful. Not long after he is rubbing the profit in his family’s face. Cartman loves social distancing and starts messing with online school; blaming bad connections to do whatever he wants. Transition back and scientists have pinpointed the origin to a ‘seedy park of Wuhan’ China.

The allegedly true story of a bat causing COVID-19; they have a flashback to the China episode but with a graphic twist (Randy Marsh and Mickey Mouse raping a bat). Recalling all of this, he becomes desperate to hide this from his wife and all others. Initially downplaying it all even though Jimbo caught it and commented ‘some dirty virus from China’, he then says ‘If she finds out I started the pandemic, she’s going to be a total bitch about it,’. With a new absurd theory his tests using his own DNA (a.k.a sperm) into his weed and forces Jimbo to take it which actually works for a moment (Later all who smoked grow something resembling Randy’s facial features..)

Back to the kid storyline, they go back to school with a few key changes. The police department loses its funding and becomes elementary teachers due to the other educators refusing to return. Cartman is not happy about being forced back, he causes a fight and then Token gets shot. Deemed COVID-related, they go into quarantine, leading to a call to President Garrison. Re-funded, the cops take to the streets with Mötley Crüe’s Kickstart My Heart, chasing down the children who escaped their lockdown.

Without any more spoilers, it reaches its apex, whatever comes next, the whole town is set to remain within South Park under law. In the end, it reveals that Sharon smoked and got what I hinted at below. Randy then shared a sentence expressing the need to make more specials. Overall it delivers on what is expected although not laugh out loud consistently desired. Regardless I shall be rating it a 7.6/10 for still being a lot over average.

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