WandaVision – Mini-Series Review

A mini-series review written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

WandaVision Episode 5's Huge Twist Ending Could Change the MCU Forever <<  Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News

So many cool emotions to mine with the form of the show but it fell into the “Marvel” fights we have seen before. I won’t have spoilers but I think it is worth the watch. The slow burn to start is cool-the middle is great. The twists are a bit of a fake out. The end had some emotion but didn’t deal with the complications of Wanda’s actions (purposeful or not)– madden-brad (IMDB – 7/10)

Previously writing this > https://entertainmentcultureonline.com/first-impression-of-wandavision-3-9/ time for the overall 9 nine episodes. Why was this not made before these two appearances in the Avengers movies? Full of cliches and tropes by design, that becomes less and less of a factor over time. Crossing sitcoms of all eras including Malcolm in the Middle more context unfolds surrounding the Mind Stone in the Marvel cinematic universe.

SHELD becomes a huge part of it after the initial three episodes, outside Scarlet’s dome of terror. Agatha Harkness as well as the two heroes by the end showed many acting elements outside their romanticism. Was not expecting it to be here plus with research, she was not the anti-hero from the comics if Google is correct. Quicksilver returns after being killed by Ultron to the spoiler of Wanda creating him, Vision and many others.

Overall this show is highly praised but I am going to rate it a little less. Having a general family-friendly feel, it stacks up well in comparison to all the movies well before it. Solid character development, will still annoy some people to a certain degree. I recommend it to those deep in the Marvel rabbit hole and weird magic for everyone else. Concluding with there is a uniqueness to a female lead starring although flaws that you can’t put your finger on.





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