Unhinged – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr30min (2020) Action, Thriller

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What Went Wrong With… Unhinged (2020)? – WHAT WENT WRONG WITH…?
This movie had me stressed from start to finish. Russell Crowe is so menacing and believable. Somehow I don’t think this role was much of a stretch for Rusty! We left the cinema and was sitting at a green light and the car in front of us didn’t move. We just sat there, too scared to toot the horn! – Dunnarunna (IMDB – 7/10)

Precisely this is low rated on IMDB but I found it much more appealing. Unhinged contains the essence of rage at what its title suggests while a thriller at its purest. One interesting note is dramatizing cinematography on the characters designated vehicles, also including seemly realistic chases and crashes. Story-wise it is about two people with the antagonist being brutal on multiple levels who will do anything to get what he wants.

Let’s talk about the man in question, Russel Crowe. He is pure evil in his performance, flexing that real mean streak. Still, this is not a perfect body of work such as the soundtrack is a little generic at times but still impactful, it is engaging nonetheless. Relativity is a fast pace to a point but there is something relevant I can’t put my finger on. The opening credits set up suspense right away although lines added on with flawed horror elements to a certain degree.

The amount of POV shots has some cringe, or quick shots are what needed. You do not care about the younger actors contra to the real forces pushing delivery, making this something memorable. The ending is predictable in one way than satisfying in intensity by design for the other. If I could summarize it all together in one word, the answer is disturbing. Overall I recommend it for the madness vision through Russel Crowe and graphic action around all corners

If you were ever going to deliberately hack-off anyone in real life, Russell Crowe would probably be low on the list. A genuine bear of a man! He looks like he could kill you with a single swipe of his clawed furry hand! – Bob-The-Movie-Man (IMDB 7/10)


PS – Give people courtesy taps or this might happen to you!




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