Watchmen – S01E01 (It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice – (HBO) Season Premiere) – Episode Recap

An episode recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Watchmen may be the best superhero story of all time, therefore, I have high expectations for this HBO series. Re-reading the original story in a graphic novel I own, In other words, I am ready to write this recap as I watch the premiere of the series. Knowing that it is set in an alternative history, it is also a direct sequel to the Watchman story.

I am confused about this show and the motivations behind its characters. This show somewhat gets political as it covers a theme of white supremacy. I can see why this show has gotten a mixed reaction online as the first half has some lines that pander towards victimised concepts of the past. Although the same type of story and character development could be in any case of supremacy. Unjustified, it has a limited portrayal so far in this case.

Moving onto the action, it gave more interesting credibility towards the developing conflict in the story. In addition, it has ambitious cinematography in combination with an interesting soundtrack. Building up to twists, turns and Easter egg references, I was at full attention by its end scene with realising the black man is Dr Manhatten.

My favourite scene in the episode was the interrogation with Mothman. Even the words he used were comparing nationalism to extremism. Once again if there was more context behind the character interrogated then no one would have an issue with it. Thinking about how I am going to rate this episode. Regardless of its controversial nature in its design, it’s no Alan Moore story. Unless Dr Manhatten changes everything in the next few upcoming episodes.

Fun Fact! John Cena tweeted interest in playing Dr. Manhattan in the series.


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