Untitled Rammstein – Album Review

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

46:20 (2019) Industrial-Metal, Electro-Industrial

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“Rammstein is seemingly a culmination of the previous six studio albums, taking the best parts of the last few decades and putting it all in one album, while throwing in a few unexpected surprises.” – Wall of Sound 

Just like many other good bands I have done a review on recently, Rammstein has a new album that is their first studio album in ten years. Upon release, the untitled album received many good reviews from critics and reviewers alike. Polished and redefined, the songs are metal but have industrial and electronic elements to them. Saying my thoughts about it right now in this review, it may be my favourite album from the German band currently.

Tracklist (English Name Translations) For The Untitled Rammstein Album:
  • Deutschland (Recommended)
  • Radio (Recommended)
  • Zeig dich
  • Auslander (Recommended)
  • Sex
  • Puppe (Recommended)
  • Was ich liebe (Recommended)
  • Diamant
  • Weit weg (Recommended)
  • Tatto
  • Hallomann

Deutschland, Radio and Auslander were all singles from this album and all their music videos are equally impressive. Deutschland was the first music video that came out and gave me a taste for this album. At 9 and a half minutes long it is very cinematic and switches in and out of perspectives in the world. Auslander had them visiting tribal people in Africa in a fun way. And radio had women going crazy and reacting to all different types of radios.

Definitely worth my time while it may be worth it to people who have never heard of the band Rammstein. A lot of songs worth relistening to over and over again. And I still need to relisten to the songs with English sub tittles to understand the lyrics a little more. Regardless of that, Rammstein sadly is not touring to Australia this year or the next


“this is a record made with care, craft, and nothing allowed in that isn’t just-so” – Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!




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