The Witcher – TV Show Review (Season One)

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr (2019-) Action, Adventure, Drama

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This Original Netflix series is based on the video game franchise simply named The Witcher. Playing this game for only a few hours because of its rolling mechanics I did not get, I wish I could understand what references this show is making. The Witcher encompasses every you want in the adventure genre and the same can be said in fantasy. With a mix of LOTR/GOT flair and dark comedy elements, the blend allows for a binge-watching experience.

“Evil is evil…Lesser, greater, milling. It’s all the same.”

Geralt of Rivia ‘The main character’ played by Herny Cavil is a mutant who is very stoic breaking out of his stereotypical role. His interactions with other interesting characters carry you out through most of the show. For example, the bard played by the actor Joey Batey has perfect delivery as the comic relief. The mage Yennefer has a well-detailed origin story which leads to some good acting performances with The Witcher and more.

At the point of complete seriousness, it engages you in a suspenseful soundtrack and interesting vocabulary dialogue choices. Where the most acting performance is expressed. These scenes were the most memorable as they took as long as they need to in either the politics or interactions on one on one. Switching to action, the choreography with all the sword fights were very brutal and graphic. Lots of blood is used in an insane realistic display. Praising this show so far, the next paragraph will explain its cons.

The eight-episode season is between 13 years of time. During the first half, you can easily see the flow as it introduces the main characters. Then the other half gets difficult in distinguishing between current and flashback scenes. This gave an impression of distortion, mainly affecting what happens in the final few disappointing episodes. Concluding awkwardly, I have some doubt about the future seasons.

“We have to cling to something. If we don’t, the world descends into chaos.”

Overall, I see why the reviews are all over the place. Definitely, for anyone who played video games or read the books, it’s a must although, for the casual audience, the structure does not put every together as good it could be. Loved Geralt as his portrayal did show some character development as a real badass. The use of magic makes me want to try one of the video games again on my Nintendo Switch this time to learn more about this universe. High production value but much room for improvement in complexity as the established story-telling could be.


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