South Park – S23E10 (Christmas Snow – Season Finale) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Screencaps of South Park Season 23 Episode 10
“Santa is stealing all the joy from the town’s Holiday Season in the Season 23 finale.” – South Park, Offical Twitter Account

When everything seems like their heading in a new direction, we are back at Tegridy Farms. Not knowing if the Marsh family remained at their farm, in this Christmas episode Randy is there to save the day once again. In this tenth episode named Chrismas Snow, this season is bleak and it’s all Santa’s fault. The Christmas spirit is gone and as I said above, Randy gets the main story once more in the real season finale.  Not continuing from Basic cable, the story switches to themes of driving while intoxicated during the holidays. With the liquor stores closed down until January the 2nd, the town of South Park resorts to some Tegridy. Randy accepting this challenge, Christmas Snow the solution. Which is cocaine mixed with marijuana that certainly gives the town a spirit they wanted. All this is happening while the kids only assume this means they shall be getting crappy presents.]

More SPOILERS! The payoff involves Randy (With a Santa like beard,) chasing down Santa. Where eventually convincing him and Jesus that coke infused weed is as good as normal marijuana. With all three mentioning how good and clean it was, being the funniest part of the full episode.

Not to be harsh, but this was the least impressive episode of the entire season. Regardless, as a whole, this season was pretty good compared to others. Now having a ten-part collection of Recaps, I can’t believe we have to wait a complete year to see a complete season 24. Predicting topics they will cover, surely the 2020 election in America. A new video game influencing an episode for advertising purposes. And a Halloween special which is able to rival their other holiday-themed episodes.


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