Distance Over Time – Album Review (Dream Theater)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

56:57 (2019) Progressive Metal

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Written on the water, memories dissipate
Eyes begin to open, darkness drifts away
Time and space like roses, whose petals drop and fade
And fall into the light as it dreams of yesterday– Fall into the Light – Distance Over Time, Dream Theater

In always finding new and interesting music, I found Distance Over Time that was officially released back in February this year. Having a progressive sound to their metal or rock, the songs within this album are as smooth as ever. Being the most commercially successful album to date it has received critical acclaim from its fans and critics alike. Not listening to any songs from Dream Theater in a while, listening in order what better than what I would have expected.

Shorter than the previous album The Astonishing, my first impression was how focused the rhythms were and how catchy most of the songs are. Not breaking ground in originally creating something new, Distance Over Time reaffirms their identity. Losing nothing in appealing to modern times, what makes this album so good is their style seems more concentrated while polished in its consistency.

Tracklisting For Album:
  • Untethered Angel
  • Paralyzed (Recommended)
  • Fall into the Light (Recommended)
  • Barstool Warrior
  • Room 137 (Recommended)
  • S2N (Recommended)
  • At Wit’s End (Recommended)
  • Out of Reach
  • Pale Blue Dot (Recommended because it’s my favourite song of the album)
  • Viper King

While my recommended songs above are great, there were a few stinkers. Out of Reach, Viper King and Barstool Warrior were the least memorable songs on the entire album. Regardless, for a 14th studio album, the time and effort put in is worth checking out at least a few songs.

In the trend of good rock and/or metal music coming out this year, Dream Theater is now added to that list. Technically and musically speaking, the sound is pretty much perfect. Although some of the vocals were drowned out and the melodies may have changed a bit abruptly, the more you listen, the more it will grow on you.


You built this world around you, your universe
In spite of best intentions, things could not be worse
Chaos and fear left you hangin’ by a thread
As you argue with the voice inside your head– Untethered Angel – Distance Over Time, Dream Theater




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