UFC 256 – Figueiredo (C) vs Moreno (2020) (Flyweight Championship) (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno ends in majority draw following  potential Fight of the Year at UFC 256 - MMA Fighting

With an ever-changing roster, it is hard to keep up although before consuming I heard it was a Fight Of The Year contender. Mighty Mouse or Demetrious Johnson is the only flyweight that I’m familiar with. Still, I have not watched as much lower division fights in comparison to others. Headlining the traditional Las Vegas arena, overhearing live commentary; it was one to remember.

Both have a close record in significant striking ability because of division, just like the video game, I am excited about some fun. Wild strikes of the gate, neither man quick after being rocked multiple times. Evenly matched with flurries on combinations being thrown. Out of respect, they were walking into bombs to there was electric to the intensity on what was delivered.

In the third was an accidental low blow by Figueiredo causing points later to be deducted on the overall score. Taking control the champ did not expect the moments where Moreno swang back. At this point Moreno’s left arm was hurt, not getting the points needed to keep up. By the last round, it was clear Figueredo was in some sort of lead.

Going the five rounder resulting in a draw, both men absorbed so much punishment no one can withstand. I gotta say that was some smooth offensive and defensive displaying technical sides to a story. Not ever seeing these guys fight before, this rates up with one of the best in contrast to others in their prime. Concluding on a positive note, this might be the best memorable exchange of will to power that I have documented.





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