South Park – S23E09 (Basic Cable) – Episode Recap

A recap writtten by Lee Sonogan

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These solo stories of characters in the South Park universe is a fresh change of pace. Basic Cable tackles streaming services vs cable television programming. Fan favourite character Scott Malkinson gets his very own episode! With a snazzy jazz soundtrack, The Scott Malkinson Show has its own opening theme and style of music. Scott’s dad is a new character who delivers comedic timing raging against streaming while referencing Disney Plus. And Scott attempts to get a Girlfriend by watching The Mandalorian.

A new girl moves to town and Scott is instantly smitten with her due to the fact that she also has diabetes. With her being a fan of The Mandalorian (Yes, we get a South Park version of Baby Yoda), the problem is Scott’s father is a cable installer. And loves to complain about streaming disrupting his personal service. Going hard on streaming comparing it to “niching shows down to the individual,” most of the expected current culture references are there.

Not spoiling the payoff, the episode does, however, end with Trey Parker making a commercial to call for the streaming rights to the Scott Malkinson Show. Business details do flash on the screen. With HBO Max acquiring the rights to stream South Park at a deal of around $500 million, I wanna see a video game original Telltale series with that money. Or something as equally impressive such as making a new live-action or two.

Seeing more than just diabetes in Scott, we got to see nee background on his personality traits. Using well-timed joked and multiple layers to keep the engagement, the supporting characters made Scott shine for once. Definitely more impressive than the previous episode of Turd Burglars. For these reasons I almost rate it a perfect eight out of ten.


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