Preacher – TV Show Review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr (2016 – 2019) Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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The fourth season of the television series Preacher will be it’s last and I have currently finished watching the finale episode named End of the World. The AMC television series is based on Garth Ennis who created the original comic book story. I have read all the comics as volumes in graphic novels and I never thought before and when I started watching this version of Preacher that it would end so soon. The show complements the stories that were in the comic while adding new things to the visual media. (NO IMPORTANT SPOILERS!)

The opening credits to each season of Preacher is amazing in their own right. Starting with season one, Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and the vampire Cassidy join forces as they all discover the power of Genesis that Jesse currently wields and his crisis with faith. And the introduction of one of the most interesting characters of fiction in the Saint of Killers. Season 2 has the gang looking for God and New Orleans with the story showing perspectives from different characters on Earth and in Hell.

 “Preacher is a show unlike any other on television,” – David Madden, AMC Networks President of Programming of Entertainment Networks.

In season two a second character is one of the most interesting characters in either fiction and/or comedy in Herr Starr. Season 3 begins with the gang still looking for god and this season revolving around Jesse’s hillbilly and creepy family. Like all the seasons this one is full of twists and turns that prepare what season 4 is about. In the fourth and final season, the gang meets god and the craziness and weirdness go to the next level. Season four was also filmed in Melbourne and other places around Australia that seemed very similar.

Original in the acting, story and black humour, its soundtrack is perfectly chosen. There are so many memorable scenes in this show that people will be re-watching for years to come. The last two paragraphs explaining what the journey is in this show does not really or truly give the content justice. Its unique blend of dark humour, take on fantasy, visuals and, ability to push boundaries are just elements used at their finest. Finished for good, it will be interesting to see what Seth Rogen, (writer for the show) and up creating next.


PS – If you have read the comics and seen all the last season then you know Cassidy got off easy.

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