Spirituality And Distortion – Album Review (Igorrr)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

55:36 (2020 – Igorrr) Experimental, Electronic, Extreme Metal, Classical

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Spirituality and Distortion | Igorrr

More than happy to write my first Igorrr official review, this one could be a contender for the best album they have made. Just only finishing it start to finish, its breakbeats, tempo changes and unique singing are taken to a new experimental level. Appealing to everything I have been listening too lately, bias or non-bias, the tunes from these songs are certainly one of a kind.

Initially influenced by the likes of MESHUGGAHCHOPINCANNIBAL CORPSEBACHDOMENICO SCARLATTITARAF DE HAIDOUKS and APHEX TWIN, traces of these artists can be found littered across his discography, but Serre has never been interested in remaining static or merely recycling ideas, and his work has dramatically evolved accordingly. In recent years, IGORRR has also become something of a collective, rather than the work of one man alone, which has further broadened the scope of his music without sacrificing integrity. While IGORRR output may be initially challenging to some, Serre has no intention of baffling or alienating potential listeners – metal-temple.com


I do not see why no one has picked up this band’s sound for movies, television and even video games more. contains a variety of well-flowing melodies shifting about to the rhythm blended with so many genres done perfectly. Each song is polished enough to sound as good and different as the last. Plus all the songs have call matching names relating to what their songs are all about.

Playlist for album:
  • 1. Downgrade Desert (Recommended)
  • 2. Nervous Waltz
  • 3. Very Noise (Recommended)
  • 4. Hollow Tree
  • 5. Camel Dancefloor (Recommended)
  • 6. Parpaing (Recommended)
  • 7. Musette Maximum (Recommended)
  • 8. Himalaya Massive Ritual
  • 9. Lost in Introspection (Recommended)
  • 10. Overweight Poesy (Recommended)
  • 11. Paranoid Buldozzer Italiano
  • 12. Barocco Satani (Recommended)
  • 13. Polyphonic Rust (Recommended)
  • 14. Kung Fu Chèvre

So many instruments and brutal consistent riffs. I highly recommend this album if you enjoy the experimental style intended to blow some minds. Groovy with precision, a lot of it sounds like the musicians had fun creating it. And their passion links epic together with engaging choices in a distinct tone. Overall I am satisfied after consuming all the tasty complexity it is able to produce.

From shadowy internet semi-sensation to his current status as Metal Blade‘s most determinedly eccentric act, IGORRR‘s Gautier Serre has played his cards beautifully so far. Blabbermouth.net





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