Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet – S01E01 (Pilot) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Video game developers in real-life work double-digit hours weekly to produce a mainstream video game. Many people have tried to satire this gaming culture in many ways. With the creators of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, I had to check Mythic Quest out for myself. Thirty minutes apiece, all nine episodes of the first season are out and I am late to the party.

Mythic Quest in this story could compare to the famous MMO World of Warcraft video game. Raven’s Banquet is an expansion to this game with the characters making it conflicting on multiple issues in design and direction. A downloadable shovel causes each stereotypical role portrayed into various comedic scenes. Rob McElhenney expresses many elements of humour similar to his performances in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

A side story with the kid gamer with 10 million followers was also sarcastic enough to be somewhat realistic. There is a bunch of video game references only video game players would understand. Then Rickety Cricket from Sunny has a producing spot almost the opposite type of character. Now speaking of the negatives, the overall engagement did not necessarily hit it out of the park.

The appeal is very limiting to those who are not gamers and not a fan of Sunny. I was not a fan of Sunny at first but the second time around I started to love it. Maybe if I manage to get through the rest of this show, it could get personally better for me. However that it holds some style of creators Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, initially it seems like something is not right being more in line with traditional comedy shows.

PS – Looking at the review scores on IMDB, on average it apparently seems to get way better in comparison to this pilot episode. – Also season 2 of this show has already been announced so stay tuned for a review in the future. (Only reccaping this episode.)

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