UFC 253 – Israel Adesanya (C) vs Paulo Costa (2020) (Middleweight Championship) (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonoagn

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

UFC 253 weigh-in results: Championship doubleheader set, but two fighters  miss weight

Late to the consuming party, I avoid all spoilers until now. Being the biggest fight going around atm, a recap with in order of something this website needed. Plus previously guessing in a link in the last paragraph, I nearly forgot all about it… Regardless The Last Stylebender and The Eraser had the potential for an epic contest or at least a worthy performance to behold for the infamous strap…

They suss each other out in the first minute and a half until bigger kicks are thrown other than the leg kicks. Patience and sneaky counters under two minutes left in round 1. But the champ keeps laying in quick points here and there. Israel was a clear winner of the round but I thought, Paulo Costa could go a few more segments of 5 minutes each. Both men attack the legs once more in the first minutes of round 2. Costa eats more big kicks; his wear and tear become obvious. Taking more dangerous strikes he is picked apart, taken to the ground and pound and then the ref has to call it.

My first UFC predictions article was wrong but still correct > https://entertainmentcultureonline.com/israel-adesanya-c-vs-paulo-costa-predictions-ufc-253-main-event/. Breaking down the tale of the tape, wins/losses and a poll collaborated by more people who know what there talking about I figured the safe bet was a decision by Israel Adesanya. Having the experience factor, maybe I gave Costa to much credit? Due to the embarrassing loss, I have to rate this fight out of ten the lowest possible.





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