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A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hr28min (2021) Action, Sci-Fi

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The Matrix Resurrections (2021) - IMDb
At two and an half hours all the hushed talk, bone-crushing violence and showy special effects gets very tiring. But there are occasional flashes of wit and grace; and Jessica Henwick and Neil Patrick Harris are welcome additions to the franchise. – richardchatten (6/10 – IMDB)

You can question why this sequel was made all you want for good reason. The Matrix Resurrections almost twenty years later does stink of a lack of creativity. Although a nostalgic blockbuster is not without its moments. The bond between Neo and Trinity is back and the creators who brought them into live-action has not ruined them. Everything else is all over the place where I now shall describe those details.

The first thirty minutes of this film is self-deprecating almost making fun of itself. Highly predictable that they were still trapped in the matrix. Neil Patrick Harris was an interesting choice although needed more screen time early on and later. Then the typical unplugging plot happens as the new matrix is explained not really giving much more to the lore. Morpheus and Agent Smith in their new forms are a letdown from the original, acting as props filling in some gaps.

Nice to see the robots and humans working together developing from the good The Animatrix movie context, the Zion to Io human city seemed pointless/too quick to be relevant. Then the action scenes you could say were satisfying although is nothing you have not seen before. Then the philosophy known by this series is pretty much simpler but in a traditional good way? To give spoilers, even though I was worried about how woke they could change things. It ends on a note that without binary love or something with more, everything falls apart.

Back to the creators, there is identity politics saying that the red pill is estrogen pills with viagra being the blue. I choose not to accept that polarised account, as the dialogue does not genderise to that point. The villain character says quite the opposite as The Analyst attacks emotional human weakness then specific stuff. Keanu and Carrie-Anne made this any worth watching right to the climax, the writing for everything else appeals to the lowest denominator.

I liked this sequel better than the other sequels. It was pretty to look at and I enjoyed the cinematography. I liked how they changed the color filter. But yeah, nothing groundbreaking here. More of the same. – jcooloti (6/10)


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