South Park – S23E08 (Turd Burglars) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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From the best episode of the season so far ‘Board Girls’ to going back to their roots of a lot of poop and vomit. South Park is known for its satire towards current issues and recent trends although they have some stories that are the complete opposite. Using gross-out stupidy, they can showcase a form of comedy without morality shown in between. Pushing the bizarre in this one, it looks like South Park is attempting to return to the simpler era where they found their original success.

“I’m gonna trust my gut a little more.” – Kyle Broflovski

Refreshing to see a standalone episode once more, Turd Burglars starts off with a graphic showing of a C. diff infection and its side effects. Where Shelia Broflovski needs to receive a faecal transplant in order to balance her microbiomes. A faecal transplant is a perfect concept South Park would be expected to use. This infection and faecal transplants are real having only one person die of it, and warning you now, do not google it.

Your gross-out limits continue with shots of disgusting images at the right comedic times. Not everyone is a fan of toilet humour and that is ok. There still are other parts in this story that focus on microbiomes. Where Kyle is freaking out that %50 per cent of our bodies are bug cells and the rest is human cells. And the ladies wanting this transplant to look and feel better about themselves. Mentioning one more thing, I will say the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Tom Brady and Dune references were spot on.

This episode hits all the right notes in feeling like something from the nineties. South Park can still deliver and rival what they did in their golden years. The more graphic they are portraying comedy and where they lay in their best stuff. Even though I found this less impressive compared to some of the episodes in this season, there were enough comedic elements that any South Park fan would appreciate.


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