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A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

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The apples and oranges between MMA and professional wrestling hold so many similarities that this movie was always going to be made. Cagefighter: Worlds Collide captures everything you want in a fight leading up to a payoff and a sports genre that’s unique. Writing this to sentences twenty minutes in, am I biased or just plain speaking common sense. Straight shooter Jon Moxley is an interesting cat with the premise already appealing to me personally.

Defining credibility is the main conflict of the plot, the commentary from different perspectives and very engaging. So many people from both industries make appearances on all sorts of stuff. The main character is a company man at the start, as key moments happen there is a development to his character. By the end, you have to respect his overall performance in acting and cinematic fight scenes. His downward after being a multiple-time Light Heavyweight is fair brutal.

Dramatically driven, the action was the main letdown for me as Reiss was beaten down for a lot of it. Cringey to a specific degree, overall that is my main criticism. For the fiction sake, it delivers on a protagonist vs an antagonist, light-hearted dialogue mixed with seriousness, and explained topics I have mentioned above. Not over the top and somewhat realistic, it was memorable enough to write the fourth paragraph about it.

Concluding the British-American film describing my favourite parts was Christain’s role as an MMA podcaster. The Max Black character parodying Dana White with some humour. Montages with cool music behind them. The production value and much more! If you are a fan of Jon Moxley this is a must-watch otherwise I recommend it if you are a consumer of FITE TV.


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