South Park – S23E07 (Board Girls) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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In a ‘Season Finale’ midseason to ‘Board Girls’, the direction changes towards the politically correct. With no appearance of Randy, this episode includes themes of competition and gender. Before mentioning anything, I would like to say that this episode comes very close to some of the most classic episodes of all time.

“Hey. Don’t let her get to you, Strong” – PC PRinciple

A PC Babies opening credits start the episode. Writing this as I watch, it looks like a PC Principle episode. The politically correct school principal and Strong Women get the main story tackling the issue surrounding identity. Next, the other story is about Cartman is a school gaming group where during a Dungeons and Dragons game, two girls join their game. Then a blunt Macho Man Randy Savage transgender woman to compete in a physical women’s competition with Stong Women also competing.

The boys then attempt to play a harder game resulting in the girls being overly prepared to win. After ‘Heather’ starts publically winning trophies for everything, Strong Women reveals that she was her boyfriend. Board Girls then expands into a comic con of board games application. The ending has the two stories intertwining as the ‘Heather’ challenges the Board Girls to various games. Losing to a point where Cartman can sympathise and a hilarious way.

Liking this episode more than I should because I have been watching many Liberty Hangout videos on YouTube recently, the references were all solid in the purpose of satire. Plus the portrayal of the eighties WWE wrestler was the perfect way to show the advantages M to F athletes has over other women. Standing by my comment above, it is close to the episodes that South Park is known for. If South Park keeps up with these topics, by the end of the next few episodes they could get a higher rating from me for the sheer will of telling it what it is.


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