Loki – S01E01 (Glorious Purpose) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Originally published on entertainmentcultureonline.com

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https://entertainmentcultureonline.com/first-impression-of-the-loki-trailer/embed/#?secret=1IlJy2bT8SA first episode and it is already shaping up to be a really good show. Not without some very minor problems, however. Though I’m not going to rate the series yet based on one episode. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out like WV or FAWS and keeps up the high quality. Also, Loki (character) is the GOAT. – maxwellvinh (IMDB Review)

Straight from the events when Loki teleported with the tesseract from the Avengers creating a new timeline I think, this is a solid start to something different in the cinematic Marvel universe. The Aesir god in mythology has never been explored quite like this. Getting deeper into character development, the dialogue almost psychologically analyses the mind of the infamous villain in the best way possible.

In the link above I compared it to trope sci-fi/fantasy elements but that is far from the focus. While the serious context is intriguing, there is some well-timed humour. Agent Mobius played by Owen Williams has excellent chemistry in pushing the conflict within our star. There is a lot. of pros out of this to even get better in later episodes.

Then in the last half, the master of escape finds out how big this new world really is. Including visuals of that previous timeline (Killed by Thanos), he was not aware of being key to the madness to be portrayed. Pondering if his new enemies are the great force in the universe, by the climax cool conflict resolution being philosophically more!

This premise in this pilot is way more satisfying in contrast to how Wandavision presented itself. They did not dilute the time cliches, holding them for the real twists and turns. Spoiler – The whole purpose was to get the man of mischief to hunt a variant in a proclamation implying you back to Loki. Overall a good amount of suspense which is prone to breach off into so many different directions.

PS – Soundtrack and cinematography fit well into the flow. Plus if I had to rate it out of ten it would be something like a 7.75/10




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