Top 10 Samuel L Jackson Acting Roles

A list-article written by Lee Sonogan

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One fact about Samuel L Jackson is he started acting in his forties. Also, I took his MasterClass in acting which was highly informative about his overall career. > Known for being in multiple movies over a bunch of years, I have narrowed it down and not in any particular order.

10. Mace Windu Star Wars (1999-2005)

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Star Wars is not normally my thing but the first man to wield a purple lightsabre is amazing. A minor character in the prequel trilogy. A master Jedi of the force, I would watch a Disney Plus version like the Mandalorian if he was suddenly announced to be moving into television projects.

9. Elijah Price – Unbreakable (2000)

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Elijah shows strength with vulnerability. A cerebral Sassanian with his own sense of coolness and style. Knows who he is and the path to where he is going. Similar to Bruce Willis’s protagonist, but different inside anti-hero elements

8. Romulus – The Caveman’s Valentine 

Underrated: The Caveman's Valentine | Movies | San Luis Obispo ...

Mixing crime, drama and music, a homeless man psychologically broken, tracks down a killer of a homeless boy to justice. Not personally watching this one myself, the clips in Samuel L Jackson’s Masterclass got my attention. Fantasy inducing, the context in also being a brilliant composer, the connections seemly are suspenseful and thriller-like in a way I love.

7. Major Marquis Warren The Hateful Eight (2015)

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A western directed by Tarantino at the level of any of his other wells received filmed. In a film of lies and death. He acts as a steely anchor mid the expected (SPOILERS!) bloody showdown. A hero and a cipher earning an enigmatic flair throughout.

6. Zeus Carver – Die Hard

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Die Hard with a Vengeance was Samuel’s first mainstream blockbuster. Somewhat passive but highly intelligent, Zeus becomes very useful in resourcefulness and streetwise support. You can empathise with him as well as being a simple shop owner.

5. Valentine, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Physical acting in vocals, Samuel has a lisp designed for perfect effect revolving around the Kingsman universe. For a comedy and action film, his part is the most memorable in my opinion.

4. Nick Fury – Various Marvel Films

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Within the marvel cinematic universe, Nick Fury is a character now where you also think of Samuel Jackson’s face. Originally being a white dude, I do not see much difference from what I have seen within that superhero genre. Cameos aplenty, he deserves his own full-length movie behind the origins or Nick Fury not already clipped into the others.

3. Stephen, Django Unchained (2012)

Describing the character of Stephen as “the most despised Negro in cinematic history,”. Said by himself, this is most likely Jackson’s most controversial role. Hyper aware of what’s going on and morally corrupt as the other bad buys, credit is due in how dug down in psyche and degrees of cruelty. Even with layers of makeup, his facial expressions are self-loathingly shown. Then his interactions with the stories slavemasters are so brutal which come off comical.

2. Black, Sunset Limited (2011)

Mostly conversation in one room has never been so interesting. Alongside Tommy Lee Jones, this television movie is highly underrated.

1. Jules, Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction: Jules' 14 Most Articulate Quotes | ScreenRant

Jules is one of the most iconic character roles ever played. With Samuel calling it a dream role, any actor would have been made from this. The monologues (Ezekiel 25:17), his role important to the context of Pulp Fiction, chemistry with John Travolta.

Proving that there is no prejudice towards good talent, Samuel always brings a mentality in the delivery of any of his parts. In conclusion, I respect the man so much that it inspired a list such as this. An in-depth list article with love and admiration.

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