Mortal Kombat – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr50mins (2021) Action, Adventure

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One Thing Mortal Kombat Fans Should Appreciate About The New Movie - CINEMABLEND

The main characters were badass, and the CGI was stunningly good. I went in with no expectations and was rewarded with a good time. Finish them!– Calicodreamin (IMDB – 8.10)

Hearing word on the grapevine made me want to consume this. Since the nineties, we have not been given the pleasure to see these video game characters on the big screen. As one of the longest-lasting fighting games out there, I can say now there is a good use of blood. Then action being mostly good even with supernatural powers implemented, there is more stuff to say about it.

Right from the gecko, we get an origin story of SubZero and Scorpion with expected mass death. Then the establishing of the infamous tournament takes place, meaning well-known names show up. From the thunder god in Raiden to Kanos early on, the thick Australian accent on him was a nice touch. Then from the villain’s side, we have a lineup of heavy-hitters.

They did what they can for setting on the context for potentially sequels which would become way more epic. Mentioning cons was even at over the average in length, adding an extra 30 minutes to particular scenes would be more memorable in my experience. Such as that final battle needs a little more…

Overall there is an unpredictable feel which gets you invested in a fan of this sort of thing. Deadset Scropian and Subzero is the most interesting thing regarding the plot, then the worst thing overall in expected catchphrases that annoy me. Still recommending it for the sake of an adaptation done better than normal, then it is not for everyone.


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