Happy! – TV Show Review

A TV show review written by: Lee Sonogan

1hr (2017-2019) Action, Comedy, Crime

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HAPPY: “I’m the Happy horse, horse, horse, so full of love, of course, of course, it’s time to be carefree, so come with me, Happy!”

Happy! is not for everyone as it is rated WTF at the start of each episode. Based on the comic book series by Grant Morrison, Happy! takes the innocence of the imaginary and turns it into a graphic portrayal of reality. Even with one of the main characters voiced by Patton Oswalt, is a stuffed blue unicorn, certainly, this one is not for kids. Pushing past limits, this dark comedy show is on the cutting edge of originality, acting performances and storytelling.

The tv network Syfy has decided not to renew Happy for a third season and the annoyed me. When a friend recommended this show to me I binged watched every episode and caught up while season 2 was still airing. Season one was based around the time of Christmas using the elements of the holiday to develop the overall story. Which was better than season 2 that was based around the time of Easter although it was still very impressive.

Overall, as the duo of Nick Sax and Happy build chemistry together, the villain characters are a good reason to watch the show. I may have enjoyed the characters, Sonny Shine, Blue and Smoothie more than the main characters in their disturbing views related to paedophilia and much more. Over time I predict more people will find this show and in history be regarded as a cult classic. Not expecting much before this show, this one is something you need to watch and judge for yourself.


BLUE: “We need to learn to take our time with things. This wine for instance. Began as a grape. A sweet thing, yes. But also an immature thing. To reach its full potential, the grape has to be subjected to pressure. Squashed to a pulp. Reduced to its essence. Sealed in darkness. And there it waits. Compelled by the hands of time to be a finer thing.”




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