South Park – S23E06 (Season Finale) – Episode Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Season Finale | S23E6 |
“Nobody cares about the Whites!!!” – The White Family, Repetitive Gag

Warning this recap contains SPOILERS! As the title of the episode suggests, the story is somewhat concluded as many elements from previous episodes return. Although China was not mentioned, the era of Tegridy Farms may be over. Other than threads of ties playing like a finale sooner than expected. Hinting out through the episode, the Marshes may be returning to South Park in the next episode.

The episode starts with a podcast named Tegridy Breakfast. For Randy to then get arrested and blamed for being the Mexican Joker. Without weed, Randy questions everything that he has done. Linking with the B story of the White Family, once again immigration and the president Garrison are back into the mix. With all the Trump impeachment, mockingly South Park suggests that he plays the deny, and victimised card as much as any radical or extreme group at the polar opposite.

Among new streaming services, HBO Max will be streaming Rick and Morty, plus South Park episodes. Confirming the entire South Park library deal is at around $500 million. In 2020, HBO will have enough licensed content and original programming to rival any streaming services compared to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Giving us answers, meta humour a political satire, this is one of the strongest chapters in South Park history. Tegridy Farms was great while it lasted but the indifference of the viewer’s feelings had South Park self-aware. Some people have blamed the creators of South Park for only writing for themselves and the people just want them to return to the kid-driven stories. Delivering on the payoff for this episode for many reasons, I shall be sad to see less of Randy/Towelie although I am still excited about where they go from here.


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