Fight Night – (7/25/2020) Robert Whittaker vs Darren Till (Main Event) – Fight Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Robert Whittaker beats Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 174 on Yas ...

My second Robert Whittaker fight recapped since I started covering individual UFC fights. As I hint or suggest in most of these, I am still new to the world of MMA and have never heard of the name of Darren Till before. Regardless, at the top of the card, Dana White must have had faith in them to fulfil the main event spot. At a quick glance of the Tale of the Tape, they are almost evenly matched with Robert slightly older and Till just getting the reach advantage.

Biased because The Reaper is a personal favourite, can he move up within the middleweight division? Plus looking at the win/loss records in the introduction, Till has a similar experience compared with Robert. Round one begins toe to toe, both fighters closing in on each other. With a clash Till knocks Robert other and gets some solid punches in before quickly recovering to his feet. Controlling the distances, the Englishmen Till keeps pushing forward for Whitaker to get some points back on the board before the end of round 1.

The former Middleweight champion plays it smart going in and out, even managing a takedown and a front mount landing important bombs. Graphic elbows and body shots, excellently in control for Till to transition and find a way out. Feinting for the rest of the round, Robert shows his counter striking and overall confidence. Before a guarantee of 5 rounded at the start of Round 3, the damage to Till’s eye looks like a disadvantage.

Playing games and implementing tricks, round 3 had both people consistently changing it up, but not the damaging offence to win. Round 4 and Whitaker is still cocky but Till lands big strikes still. Finally, the last round reveals, Whitaker is ahead in the level of points. Till throws his range manoeuvres as he has to know he needs a knockout or his done. Robert gets his ear buster open but to eating violence for over 20 minutes, he is not faced at all.

In the last 30 seconds, when the ref checking on him resumed the contest, Whitaker takes him down to the edge of the cage and the bell rings. Win/loss records change to 22 – 5 – 0 to the victor in this match and Till adds one more loss equaling a number of 18 – 3 – 0. Containing flash moments and technical/strategical game plans put together, 7.5/10 for the showcase of skills both MMA personel portrayed at Fight Island.

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